Additional Games Coming.

Daniel S. Biehl my best friend from High School has been converting old BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL games into C++ games, they are generally text based games, but once he sends them to me we will post then for anyone to download and play.  Since they are being written in C++ and not Unity they will all be stand alone and PC only.  I may convert one or two to C# in unity for S&G’s but I’m tied up with Work & RELAX atm.  Haven’t decided what the next project will be after RELAX but that’s a few weeks away at this point.



Well I have the game in a very rudimentary state, Menu system is in place, first level loads with starfield, and enemies fly in from off screen and into formation.  Player ship is in and moving, but haven’t written the code to fire its lasers yet or for enemies to move or shoot yet.  Not sure I’ll have a testable version complete this month, hope to complete that by first week of June, and everything should iterate fast once all the mechanics are in place.



REBB 0.9 Released

Some major under the hood changes, removing and re-factoring test code.

Destroyed particle effects after they complete their display.

Added 7 new levels.

Added Unbreakable Blocks ( Grey )

Added Extra-Life Blocks ( Cyan )

Added 6 hit blocks ( Magenta )

Redesigned the levels to make the difficulty progression more logical.


Still on the to-do list ( but now on backburner )

New power up types

Controller support. ( much of the code is there but I don’t have a controller to test with ).

REBB Update still in the works.

Cleaned up a lot of the messy code I created getting it running including removing large blocks of if…if else statements converting the whole block to switch, case groups.  Also figured out how to destroy the particle systems as they finish emitting, not a huge thing in a project this size, but figured I should attack every project with an eye for clean, efficient and effective code.  Created all the code to allow the player to select the controller to play by but still need to create the code to control the paddle via controller.

All 10 levels are now laid out, found and squashed a couple bugs that where stopping the player from moving to the next level ( after the addition of special blocks and unbreakable blocks. )

Still not happy with how the particle effects look.

Created a ‘special’ block type and will have it do a random effect, those effects still need to be created.

Hoping to finish this up this weekend, but it isn’t looking promising currently.

RELAX in works

Ver 0.1 of RELAX is in works.  Rook Entertainment’s Laser Assault eXpedition.

Game is based on Galaga/Galaxian/Space Invaders etc

Large amount of custom artwork required for this one ( well large amount for a non-artisty dude like myself ).

Looking to have 15 levels, with 2 mini-bosses and 1 final boss, 12 ‘standard’ levels.

Powerups etc.

Expect this to take 20-30 hours of coding & probably 10-20 hours of making pixel art ( minimum ).

Estimated test release by end of May. With final release by end of June.

REBB Update in works

Added 7 new levels ( 10 total ).

Unbreakable Blocks added.

Redesigned each level for a more logical progression from level to level.

Added an identifier to let you know what level you are playing, Can you get to the Chipmunk Level?!

Modified the block breaking particle effects to look ‘better’ IMO anyway.


Still to do for the 1.0 Rev…

Powerups, unique particle effects for the powerups.

Controller support.