RELAX in works

Ver 0.1 of RELAX is in works.  Rook Entertainment’s Laser Assault eXpedition.

Game is based on Galaga/Galaxian/Space Invaders etc

Large amount of custom artwork required for this one ( well large amount for a non-artisty dude like myself ).

Looking to have 15 levels, with 2 mini-bosses and 1 final boss, 12 ‘standard’ levels.

Powerups etc.

Expect this to take 20-30 hours of coding & probably 10-20 hours of making pixel art ( minimum ).

Estimated test release by end of May. With final release by end of June.

REBB Update in works

Added 7 new levels ( 10 total ).

Unbreakable Blocks added.

Redesigned each level for a more logical progression from level to level.

Added an identifier to let you know what level you are playing, Can you get to the Chipmunk Level?!

Modified the block breaking particle effects to look ‘better’ IMO anyway.


Still to do for the 1.0 Rev…

Powerups, unique particle effects for the powerups.

Controller support.