2015 - REBB 0.95 - Rook Entertainment Block Breaker

Our take on the Classic, Just a simple test exercise, The 'Web Player' version requires the unity plugin to be installed. The 'WebGL' version should work on any HTML5 compliant browser. the OS specific version need to be unziped to a folder before being run. 'Save As' the links below to download the non-web versions.
0.2 Updated to allow Mouse or Keyboard Input.
0.3 Updated, Added Lives & Lives Counter, Added Scoring, Score Counter, Added Bonus score for multiple hits between paddle returns.  Replaced my horrible Backgrounds with my wifes photographs Took an extra 2 hours to figure out why the Web Player wasnt showing the Score or Lives counters.
0.4 Updated, Added Particle Effects to broken blocks, Increased Paddle Speed, Updated Color Scheme, Added Credits Page, Ported to WebPlayer, PC, OSX and Linux.
0.9 Updated, Changed Particle Effects on broken blocks, Added 7 new levels, adjusted the difficulty of levels so they get progressively harder.  Added Unbreakable Block(grey), Extra Life Block ( Cyan ), 6 hit block ( magenta ).  Squashed a few bugs, optimized much of the game code removing some test code.
0.95 Updated to unity 5.3.1f1. Added Splash and Dedication pages. Rewrote collision code to support unity 5.3 changes. Also compiled to WebGL, using that option will not require the unity.plugin to be loaded. Currently the WebGL version is non working in Unity 5.3, hopefully the next build will work, until then please download the stand alone OS version or use the Web Player version with IE, Firefox, or Edge. Thanks.
Play the WebPlayer version of REBB ( Requires Unity Player ).
xXx - Compression error currently - xXx - Play the WebGL version of REBB ( HTML5 compliant browser ).
REBB for Windows ( Right click and Save Link As... )
REBB for OSX ( Right click and Save Link As... )
REBB for Linux ( Right click and Save Link As... )
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