RELM - Rook Entertainment Last Match v3

RELM is a tool designed to allow the user to quickly copy replays and screen shots to a new folder at the same time renaming them and adding descriptive tags to the file to easily identify the match later.

RELM copies by default grabs the NEWEST file from the specified folder parses the filename and copies it to the target directory with the checked tags added. RELM then grabs as many screen shots as are specified ( 0-9 ) and moves them to the target directory giving them the same name as the replay file and appending a 1-9 respectively to the end of the screen shot.

RELMs Configuration window, where you can change tags, tag descriptions, target files and folders. Care should be taken when changing these settings as if you point it to the wrong directory RELM will happily rename non replay files. As with any software use at your own risk.

We belive RELM is free of bugs or other issues, if you find a bug please report it to our BLOG Rook Entertainment Blog

This is our About RELM window, Written by me, and spell checked by my Lovely Wife.

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We hope you find it useful.

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Use at your own risk, we take no responsibility etc etc.


RELM v3 Zip File